Marco Lang


Hello my name is Marco Lang and I was born in Upper Austria. Since i was a little boy my highest aim was to become a professional athlete. Ever since I can remember i was interested in any kind of sports and also tried different sport disciplines but I have always been fascinated by extrem sports disciplines which contains high speed. Fifteen years ago I started windsurfing. I enjoy every single second on the water. In general I am a water sports enthusiast, it doesn’t matter if windsurfing, kitesurfing or standup paddling- but my biggest passion is windsurfing. In 2011 i started my career as a professional windsurfer. 2015 was one of my best and most successful years in the World Cup Tour-I finished 17th! It’s like a dream come true! Beside Competitions I love to travel and to explore new destinations all around the world. The most impressive trip was my trip to Argentina in 2014, together with a film crew to produce a surf documentation. We surfed on a glacial lake in front of a breathtaking, about 70 meter high, ice wall. We came very close to the wall, there were only 15 meters between us and the wall. It was an amazing, indescribable feeling but also a bit frightening. I will never forget this moments in Argentina. There are already some new projects on my mind and i will try to implement them as soon as possible. Thank´s to my sponsors FANATIC NORTH SAILS ION UPSIDEDOWN TWS-TENERIFEWINDSURFSOLUTION TRAVELWORLD4YOU




Cover SPORT Magazin

Windsurf Pro Marco Lang in Hochglanz auf dem Cover des aktullen SPORT Magazins - in Trafiken erhältlich.


Meet Marco Lang

Marco Lang, Professional Windsurfer from stefan csaky on Vimeo.

Heading South - a Windsurfing Roadtrip through Patagonia

HEADING SOUTH - a windsurfing roadtrip through Patagonia from stefan csaky on Vimeo.

Gefilmt und produziert von Stefan Csaky, mit Teamsurfer Marco Lang in einer der Hauptrollen